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 Carleton Porter For Governor

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PostSubject: Carleton Porter For Governor   Mon May 19, 2014 6:17 pm

Carleton grew up as a fan of his statesman cousin Cole Porter who helped lead the Anticans out of Antican B7. He followed his exploits as a Governor on the Phoenix Colony, he was deeply saddened when he left after losing the election.

Cole would never really find himself again going from next get big scheme to the next but his inspirational rise to governor always stuck with Carleton.

He studied politics and quickly became first an Admiral's aide and then an ambassador.

Carleton came to the Beta Penthe sector even before the former colonists of Medara. He had made contacts with General Kabarann and even briefly with her father, the current Klingon Chancellor. He had the right allies.

When the Klingons grew frustrated with T'tan, they made a move for her leadership. This was Carleton's chance.

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Carleton Porter For Governor
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