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 Writing Excellence Award - New Arrival

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Vincent Viceroy

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Writing Excellence Award - New Arrival Empty
PostSubject: Writing Excellence Award - New Arrival   Writing Excellence Award - New Arrival EmptyMon Sep 08, 2014 7:36 pm

I know that only some people read the awards tab so I have to add my praise for Admiral Viceroy over the New Arrival Post. Cam had set up a goal to establish a male-male romance to prove that us as a writer's group could handle it but as yet no one had taken on the challenge.

As our leader, he stepped up and did an amazing job on the new arrival post. Fabulous!

The new arrival post achieves one of your own goals to create a male-male coupling on the colony. This post was beyond compare and shows why you are our leader once again. I was moved by the way you handled a very difficult situation for a writer in 2014. Making a male-male couple palatable and acceptable is very difficult. I am very impressed. Thanks for making my Sunday -



Christine T'Nley
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King's Fleet
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Writing Excellence Award - New Arrival
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