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 United Federation of Planets Presidency

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: United Federation of Planets Presidency   Mon Oct 13, 2014 6:22 pm

The politics of Sol and the center of the Federation rarely are important to the inhabitants of tiny colonies on the fringes of the Klingon Empire but a very recent move has sent ripples through the King's Fleet.

Andorian Senator Gareb Trmel's request to impeach President Harper Madison over an incident that has thus far been kept quiet reached a fever pitch on October 10, 2394.

Shortly after, Gareb Trmel became the 4th person to hold the Presidency in 2394 as the Federation struggles for stability. Trmel has already replaced Admiral Richard Madison with Trmel Shah who had served in this region on the IKS Kabarann as Head of Starfleet Command.

Shah is an advocate of centralizing Starfleet once more and to stop supporting the activities of the regional fleets. Others have tried to recentralize Starfleet but the regional fleets are so necessary to deal with the buffer states like Reykja Penthe or to serve to keep the battleground away from Earth, Vulcan, Betazed or the inner worlds of the Alpha Quadrant.

For a long time, the Federation has been controlled by humans and recently by the rising Tellarites but now the inner circle is Andorian. This will be very interesting as it plays out.

Posted by:

Christine T'Nley
Covering Federation Politics
For FBN (Federation Broadcasting Network)
and RBC (Reykja Broadcasting Company)
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United Federation of Planets Presidency
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