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 Chancellor Patruchio neroQ

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Chancellor Patruchio neroQ   Mon Dec 29, 2014 7:29 pm

Patruchio thought his career ended when his brother Louis engaged in the ill advised and potentially timeline altering Temporal Experiment. The failure of Louis neroQ and Admiral Illyan Coren of the Betazoid Alliance brought down two empires and left the hopes of the neroQ family to serve as Chancellor of Kronos in a shambles.

When Thot Pran approached the Kilngon houses about the possibility of using their influence to control the vast empire from Breen to Klingon, Patruchio seized the opportunity and proclaimed himself High Chancellor.

** Rival character to Chancellor Osama Larle, the Klingon-Human Hybrid who serves as the current chancellor.

Admiral Vincent Viceroy
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Chancellor Patruchio neroQ
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