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 Couples - January 2015

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Couples - January 2015   Mon Jan 12, 2015 7:31 pm

Admiral Vincent Viceroy - Commodore Tania Branson (Straight)
Admiral Tan - Lieutenant Brandi Paneera (Straight)
Admiral Deveniss - Commander Bethany Montgomery (Straight)

Colonel Tanus of Gorn - Colonel Teshra Trmel (Straight)

Captain John Warren - Commander Dawn Keystone (Straight)

Governor Nicole Branson - Jaskalla Naar'Haaj (Lesbian)
Commander James Vixxen - Professor Hera (Straight)
Colonel Belvedere Brown - Christine T'Nlet (Straight)

Colonel Acrylos Teero - Dr. Jenna Powers (Straight)

Major Tracklerca - Commander D'Tall (Straight)

Colonel Tchilick Tchilack - Captain Victoria Viceroy (Straight)

Major Petrine Polley - Lt. Commander Patrick Hatherton (Gay)

Captain Drag - Commander T'Zohl of Vulcan (Straight)

Gul Vash Enranet - Lt. Commander Beatrice Bose (Straight)

Colonel N'Tayla neroQ - Commander S'Myy (Lesbian)

Captain Velvet Sanders - Commander Autumn Laree (Lesbian)

Marino Ro - Marcus Alexander (Gay)

Captain Ferguson Todd - Arexa Laree (Straight)

Lt. Delaware Todd and Ensign Aphrodite Leo (Straight)

Captain S'Nii and Lt. Commander Taylor Madison (Lesbian)

Commander Anne Branson - D'Arcy (Lesbian)

Dr. Xact Tchilack - Dr. Tegora Vasa (Straight)

16 Straight Couples (67%)
4 Gay Couples (16%)
4 Lesbian Couples (17%)
24 Couples

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Admiral Vincent Viceroy
Commander in Chief
King's Fleet
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Couples - January 2015
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