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 Forum Update - April 20, 2015

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Forum Update - April 20, 2015   Mon Apr 20, 2015 5:40 pm

I am extremely pleased to announce that there have been over 1600 personal logs in the 2303 days of colony life experienced by the colonists of the King's Fleet. These personal logs which detail the personal lives of the inhabitants of the colony are the lifeblood of any collaborative simm effort.

The mission posts have to be so carefully controlled so as not to spoil the intent of the mission but the personal logs are up to the imagination of the writers and this fine group always seems to dazzle me.

The alternative lifestyle choices, the intermingling of species and the sheer demonstration of love and romance are often heart warming and even tear jerking. I truly enjoy hearing of the romances, the trials and tribulations of the lovers on the colony. Thank you to Stan and Zoey for your amazing efforts to continue to dazzle us with the behind the scenes going on.

There have been 1816 individual mission posts (not on a per author basis but actually 1816 individual stories) on the space travel, exploration and war efforts of the colonists. This too is an amazing effort and thank you to everyone who has worked towards our common goal; the ideal of the original series - a home for all races.

There have been 527 news posts on the colony detailing the forum updates, the colony missions and award winning posts. These are some of the most viewed posts on the forums with many have 40 or more views.

The top ten posts continue to show more than 11000 views including the new mission on the peaceful coexistence with the Romulans at over 2000 views. Sadly in 2395, the King's Fleet and the colony of Reykja Penthe are still trying to achieve a peaceful coexistence with the Romulans, 4 years after that very mission began. There are now 6 posts in the top ten with more than 1000 views. This is very rewarding for the fan fiction group known as the fictionkings.

The forum has now seen 1.71 posts per day over the 2303 days or 6.30 years. The colony forum is pleased to announce the addition of its 10th subscriber, someone who can read more than the personal logs and news posts.

Each time, I begin to question the long term future of the colony. Each time, Stan or Zoey become the only posters and it looks like this is all done, we get going again and have a wonderful weekend like this last one.

Thank you all,



Admiral Vincent Viceroy
Commander in Chief
King's Fleet
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Forum Update - April 20, 2015
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