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 New Mission: It's All Connected: Somehow

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: New Mission: It's All Connected: Somehow   Mon Jun 22, 2015 7:13 pm

inspired by the amazing post by Governor Nicole Branson, the King's Fleet embarks on its new mission.

""Do you know what this is?", Luci handed the piece of metal to Nicole.

"It looks like the outer haul sheeting from a very old Starship, maybe NX class. Why?", Nicole responded.

"I found it in one the gardens here on Carlisle.", Luci responded.

"Nicole, I had it tested. The metal is from an NX class.", Luci responded.

"These asteroids are pieces of rock that have flowed through space for millennia. An NX ship probably bumped into it at one time or another.", Nicole matter of fairly answered.

Luci looked at Nicole, "I have had the chard analyzed. It is not just any NX class it is the USS Lexington."

"What?", Nicole was stunned at the reference to the original Omega Fleet ship that crashed into the Phoenix Colony.

"It gets worse Nicole.", Luci grabbed Nicole by the hand and led her outside to the garden near the atmospheric tower. She pointed at the ground.

Nicole looked at the flowering coffe plant; a Bajoran coffee plant.

"I love Bajoran coffee. Thank you for planting this.", Nicole smiled maintaining her innocence.

"Nicole, this is Coffea Bajora Ephrya.", Luci bluntly described the plant.

"Great. One of the things I have always missed after Ephyra is the wonderful coffee.", Nicole smiled.

Luci grabbed her by the arm, "Nikki, you are not getting it. This garden is too close to the building for direct heat and rays from the atmospheric towers. We wanted the crops to grow quickly until the full atmosphere is heated. This garden was not scheduled to be planted for 8 months. Nicole, we never planted the Coffea Bajora."

"It has to be a coincidence. Unless it was aboard the Lexington.", Nicole was getting scared.

Luci grabbed Nicole by the arm and took her to one of the foundation dig sites. Nicole looked at the Jem'Hadar skeleton. She recognized the enslaved race from her medical training. How would that get out here?

Nicole looked at Luci, "What is happening?"

"The body has been irradiated and show evidence of enhanced dilithium.", Luci looked at Nicole.

Branson collapsed to her knees in the soils. How could this stuff be here? This is the Delta Quadrant. The colonies were light years apart. The Omega Planet was in the Alpha Quadrant. The Phoenix Colony was in the Beta Quadrant. Ephyra was near Bajor. She looked at the Jem'Hadar warrior so far from home. Her past was haunting her.

Nicole began to believe that the weak atmosphere was causing hallucinations. Luci looked her, holding the piece of metal in her face, "This is real Nicole. I don't know how but this is real."

"Inform Admiral Viceroy immediately and get a hold of Vasa. Something is wrong.", Nicole was in a state of shock.

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Nicole Branson
Dumbfounded on Carlisle
Orbiting the Andorian Gateway
King's Fleet"


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Admiral Vincent Viceroy
Commander in Chief
King's Fleet
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New Mission: It's All Connected: Somehow
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