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 Forum Update - July 5, 2015

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Forum Update - July 5, 2015   Sun Jul 19, 2015 5:49 am

There have now been 540 news posts in the history of the colony mostly identifying new missions or updating on the number of posts.

There have been 1845 mission posts. These are details of the activities of the station hands, the colonists and those who are serving on the vessels in the King's Fleet. These are where the missions occur.

There have been 1645 personal logs detailing the personal lives including relationships, sexual dalliances and away from work commitments of those who live on the stations, in the colonies or serve on the vessels in the King's Fleet.

The colony started with the Omega Colony in the Alpha Quadrant on December 29, 2008 or December 29, 2388 in post Next Generation Star Trek Terminology and continues through the Phoenix Colony in the Beta Quadrant, the colony of Ephyra near Bajor, the Romulan outpost of Cheron VI, the first Camelot Colony, the Colony of Camelot near Medara in the Beta Zeta System, also wiped out by the Romulans and more recently, Rekyja Penthe in the Beta Penthe System on the fringes of Klingon Space destroyed by General Lupac Kabarann and the rebuilding Klingon Empire forcing the colonist through the Andorian Wormhole to the Delta Quadrant and their current home, Camelot Station and Carlisle Asteroid at the Andorian Gateway into the Delta Quadrant.

The colonists have been at this for a remarkable 2379 days or 6.51 years. Considering the changes that have been thrust upon them, leaving the Omega Fleet and Admiral Tim Veltkamp, joining the Phoenix Fleet and President William Hunt only to leave once more for Ephyra and service to Admiral Vincent Viceroy, the colonists continue to be creative and to move forward.

The 4056 posts over 2379 days are 1.70 posts per day. This is remarkable over such an extended period.

Thank you so very much,



Admiral Vincent Viceroy
Commander in Chief
King's Fleet
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Forum Update - July 5, 2015
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