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 Coupling - August 2015

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Coupling - August 2015   Mon Aug 03, 2015 7:15 am

Vincent Viceroy and Monday Coren - Straight
Tan - Micheala Hatherton - Straight
Deveniss - Monica Montgomery - Straight
Acrylos Teero - D'Tall - Straight
Tegora Vasa - Xact Tchilack - Straight
Christine T'Nley and Belvedere Brown - Straight
Tchilick Tchilack and Victoria Viceroy- Straight
John Warren and Dawn Keystone - Straight
T'Zohl and Wolf Faulkner - Straight
Dennis Warren and Bridgette Tchilack- Straight
Vash Enranet and Beatrice Bose - Straight
Tanusand Philadelphia Todd - Straight
Thanius Tchilack and Ontario Todd - Straight
Nicole Branson - Grace Gra'Naarg - Lesbian
Pasha Trmel and Antoinette Viceroy - Lesbian
Sympathy Ford and Russia Trmel - Lesbian
Tania Branson and Michigan Todd - Lesbian
Tasha Viceroy and Raine Vasa - Lesbian
S'Nii and Taylor Madison - Lesbian
V'Larii and Sara Wayne - Lesbian
Franklin Stone and Paul Warren - Gay
Petrine Polley and Patrick Hatherton- Gay
Thua'ra Varno and Marino Ro - Gay

There are 13 commonly used straight couples. There are 7 commonly used lesbian couples and 3 commonly used gay couples.

The goal is to create an open and accepting culture with alien relationships and with relationships of all types.

Please keep up the great efforts in promoting equality.

Much respect,

Admiral Vincent Viceroy
Commander in Chief
King's Fleet
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Coupling - August 2015
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