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 New NPC - Gaston "Summer" Tchilack

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PostSubject: New NPC - Gaston "Summer" Tchilack   Sun Aug 09, 2015 7:15 pm

Gaston was one of the first Xindi Insectoid Abductors. He took a young male from Earth and attached to his spine to learn about humanity and in particular about the human familial relationship. Gaston loved how the family treated him until he was discovered by the boy's father and forcibly removed in surgery and trashed like garbage in the extraction.

Gaston nearly died. He longed for that connection again. He return to the Xindi home world with glowing reports on the familial relationships of Earth and on what could be including speaking at the Academies of many nations and later many planets.

It was during these visits that he first met Ambassador Hulanen Laree. Gaston begged her to find him another symbiotic host. She promised to keep it in mind.

In 2395, Hulanen learned that the King's Fleet had kept the dormant body of Summer Vasa after its relationship with the Trill Dr. Lasiter Lau had failed. The Vasa family had asked that body be left on the symbiotic list.

Upon this discovery, Hulanen offered the body of Summer Vasa to Gaston Tchilack. The Xindi Gastropoda had never connected to a female before but he really wanted to be around the humanoids again. He reluctantly agreed.

Created By:

Nicole Branson
Carlisle Asteroid
King's Fleet
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New NPC - Gaston "Summer" Tchilack
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