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 Forum Update - September 7, 2015

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Forum Update - September 7, 2015   Mon Sep 07, 2015 2:57 pm

I have to admit I saw the Shadowrunners reality as a dangerous experiment but I am very much enjoying the posts around the lives of those who serve in the King's Fleet. The decision to use the Shadowrun handbook to draft an alternate reality was not an easy one for me despite Stan's enthusiasm for the product.

I however have really enjoyed what people have done with this universe as we work to get back to a Star Trek reality. The job done by everyone has been remarkable.

There have now been 4165 posts including 1877 mission posts, 1723 personal logs leaving 548 news posts.

There were an amazing 74 posts in August and we have seen 19 individual posts in September. These numbers are a tribute to the amazing creativity of our writer's group. These stories are so cool.

I am especially proud of the all inclusive nature of the writing from inter-racial romance, all varieties of sexuality, and the friendships and teamwork amongst the crews of the King's Fleet vessels. This was the foundation of Star Trek and is what makes this timeless.

Keep up the fabulous effort,



Admiral Vincent Viceroy
Commander in Chief
King's Fleet
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Forum Update - September 7, 2015
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