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 Coupling - February 16, 2016

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Coupling - February 16, 2016   Sun Feb 28, 2016 11:34 am

Toni Viceroy - Deveniss of Selay Straight
Acrylos Teero - Giselle Leo Straight
Tan - Sympathy Ford. Straight
Galileo Leo - Maple Coren. Straight
Rochelle Hatherton - Ba'Nico Laa. Straight
John Warren - Dawn Keystone. Straight
Wolf Faulkner - T'Zohl. Straight
Illyan Coren - Zoe Beamon. Straight
Brendan Montgomery - Giancarla Viceroy. Straight
Belvedere Brown - Christine T'Nley. Straight
Thanius Tchilack - Tara Todd. Straight

11 Regular Occurring Straight Couples

Nicole Branson - Bella Pan'Taar Lesbian
Charlene Faulkner - Valerie Bell. Lesbian
Skylight Greene - Jackie Tchilack. Lesbian
Raine Vasa - Tasha Viceroy. Lesbian
Velvet Sanders - Autumn Laree. Lesbian
S'Nii - Taylor Madison. Lesbian

6 Regular Occurring Lesbian Couples

Tanus - Samuel Warren. Gay
Philadelphia Todd - Patrick Hatherton. Gay
Marino Ro - Thua'ra Varno. Gay
Matio Kira - Lanec Trmel. Gay
Terry Coren - Cougar Faulkner. Gay

5 regular Occurring Gay Couples

There have been some questions about the approach of the writers of the simm about two great a focus on non traditional relationships. To be clear, this is totally untrue. The Fictionkings pride themselves on being an all inclusive writers group regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or otherwise.

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Coupling - February 16, 2016
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