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PostSubject: Parameters   Sun Apr 24, 2016 2:30 pm

Nicole Branson spent the morning at the community hall in her office as the mayor of Camelot. She spent the last hour with Zek Ishka talking about band issues including crime. Surprisingly the meeting was pretty cordial especially with Matio Kira returning to 2396 after being confirmed as an agent of Section 31 who had come down to extract some revenge on Lanec Trmel. Zek had lost his band manager.

Nicole had gotten up early to come down to her office. She and Charlene had had their first fight. Nicole had asked Charlene to resign her commission with the Hive to help her care for Kenzi. Charlene had at first refused straight out but after some shouting had at least agreed to consider it. Valerie had been the mother in their relationship. Charlene had taken the missions when Valerie had to deal with Jenerica and Lyris. She was now being asked to be the mother. It was a lot to ask. Jenyris was an adult now.

Nicole came into the trailer she shared with Charley and Kenzi. She did not hear a sound. Kenzi was still over at the school. Nicole feared the worst. She thought that Charlene had decided to stay on in the speed enforcement unit. Nicole sighed. She had had very poor luck in relationships lately.

Nicole walked down the hallway. She stepped into the bedroom.

Charlene was sitting on the bed wearing only a white veil, white stockings, white shoes, a gorgeous white bra and crotch less panties. She looked at Nicole with her legs apart and smiled, "If I am going to be stuck playing the wife, I thought we'd better consummate the new parameters of our relationship."

Nicole grinned, kneeling down, "Damn straight!"

The ladies redefined their relationship.

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