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PostSubject: Romantic.....   Mon May 02, 2016 8:09 am

Casey came down to the prison at the request of the new inmate. He walked down the hallway. He was stunned to see the gorgeous African American woman sitting in the common area with a book. He recognized her immediately.

Dr. Chikace Larle acknowledged Chancellor Rhilan Kevoth. This was the man who took the Chancellor's chair from her. Casey was hidden in Camelot 2016 as a male human as part of King's Fleet Chief of Staff Nicole Branson's gender balance project. He however did not have to take this. He just turned around and headed for the door.

Rhilan hollered, "Casey wait!"

Rhilan begged his fellow Klingon to wait. Rhilan graphically described his being stabbed by his daughter. He described the coldness of exile and begging for forgiveness from the Federation.

Rhilan finally reach the crux of his invitation, "I need to maintain my humanized appearance. I am hoping that you need that too."

"You are asking me for a conjugal visit?", Casey looked at Rhilan.

"You are the only Klingon here.", Rhilan looked at Casey.

Casey looked at Rhilan, "I have to go."

The following night, Rhilan was sitting in the reading area.

Casey came walking down the hallway. He looked at the Klingon temporal prisoner, "I am not feeling well. I know why."

Rhilan looked at Casey, "Arroe told me it would happen."

"There is a trailer out back we are allowed to us.", Rhilan put her hand in his.

Casey helped her up. Mark looked at the Klingon pair, "Are you sure?"

"Like we have a choice.", Casey frowned disappearing into the old camper.

Mark chuckled, "Romantic!"

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