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 In With The New

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PostSubject: In With The New   Mon May 02, 2016 8:09 am

"Not everyone wants to live in a cesspool with no replicators, no holo decks and no Federation utopia.", Charlene lectured Nicole.

"This is not about Camelot. This is about duty to the temporal assignment.", Nicole looked at Charlene.

"You think that Nicole but it is not true. This is about you. Every since the first time that Bruce Montgomery bent you over that desk, you have been trying to convince everyone that you will succeed no matter how hard they tie you done.", Charlene lectured, "This is not a plumb assignment. Those people whose have chosen to brave the temporal operation are not special. These people are here because the King's Fleet was their last option. John Warren defied direct orders. Vash Enranet betrayed his own people. You, you have gotten thousands of colonists killed trying to prove you could succeed where others failed!"

"I have options now, Nicole. I am going to Betazed to fly fighter for Raine Vasa. I am encouraging Jenyris to follow me there.", Charlene looked at Nicole as Kenzi came walking out.

"Good bye princess.", Charlene kissed her on her forehead and left.

Nicole started to sob blowing her nose, "Why am I so unloveable?"

Kenzi laid her head on her foster mom's lap, "You are loveable, Mom. I love you."

Nicole brushed her hair.

A beautiful blond came walking up. Nicole looked at her, "Can I help you?"

"My name is Keljeska Naar'Haaj. I was told to look you up as soon as I got here. I was told that you had a soft spot for Tellarites and you would help me.", Keljeska looked at Nicole.

"The Naar'Haaj family and I are not exactly close.", Nicole looked at Keljeska.

"I know the history.", the humanized Tellarite responded.

"Let's get a hold of Sympathy and find you a rental.", Nicole wiped her eyes and forced a smile.

"Actually Nicole, I was hoping I could stay here.", Keljeska offered.

"That is a little forward don't you think.", Nicole looked at Keljeska.

"I know who and what you are. I also know about your history with my people.", Jessie winked.

Nicole bluntly announced, "Yeah I get them killed."

Keljeska was shocked at the response.

Nicole looked at Keljeska, "Dr. Ford will find you a vacant trailer."

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In With The New
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