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PostSubject: Kanoodling....   Mon May 02, 2016 8:11 am

essie called Nicole. She was crying. Nicole could not make out a word the humanized Tellarite was saying. She finally decided to walk over to the new rental trailer.

Jessie was standing holding a pot of Kraft Dinner that had obviously burned to the bottom.

"How could I do it?", Keljeska cried.

"Cooking is not easy. There were no replicators in 2016.", Nicole took the pot from her hand and turned off the burner.

"Not the stupid noodles, Nicole!", Jessie shouted, "Get caught with clothes on by Marcus-Brutus and his thugs."

Jessie grabbed Nicole and just hugged her, "I let my guard down and I got caught with my pants down. Literally."

"I could have put a Naar'Haaj back in charge of the Tellar Fleet and now I am stuck burning noodles on a temporal assignment. Great job, Keljeska. Great job!", Jessie shouted.

Nicole gently slid her away, "This is not the end. Vincent was here. He is now head of Starfleet Command. Illyan and Alexander were here. They are now in command of the Betazoid Alliance. You can get back by doing a good job in the colonies."

"This is not a colony, Nicole.", Jessie alerted the mayor.

"You are wrong, Jessie. Can I call you Jessie?", Nicole continued, "While its current process is to provide a temporal constant; a time to tether to when entering a wormhole, I believe that colonizing in time will become a future activity for Federation anthropologists who hope to experience life first hand in these environments."

"The glass is always half full for you.", Keljeska, Jessie Naar'Haaj looked at Nicole.

"Not always but I try.", Nicole smiled.

"I burned my box noodles. I have nothing to eat for supper now.", Jessie frowned.

"Kenzi and I are having some chicken soup if you wanna come over.", Nicole offered.

"I would like that.", Jessie smiled.

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