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 How It Should Be

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PostSubject: How It Should Be   Mon May 02, 2016 8:12 am

T'Zohl rubbed the top of her ears. She could feel the pointed ears of her Vulcan heritage pressing against the skin. Wolf had hardly touched her since they came to Camelot.

In Brooklyn, in the King's County, an African American male was a near prestigious position. Wolf was unhappy not to be on the helm of a starship but he could live there. He even enjoyed training others in the police academy and had actually come to love the standard issue Ford Crown Victoria enjoying training in the pit manoeuvre and in the 180 turns.

Here in Camelot, being black makes you stand out. He was unhappy and unwilling to make the effort to fit in. Even though the Camelot cops could have used his expertise particularly with the Hive and speed enforcement, Wolf was unhappy.

When Charlene left for the CorinthStation defences, Wolf reached to his half sister. Wolf was soon in the seat of a Betazoid Alliance fighter. He was at home. Camelot could not and would not be home for him.

T'Zohl loved piloting the ambulance. She loved the thrill of getting to the scene and the adrenalin of trying to make it back with the patient alive and well. She loved working with Terry and Cougar. Even though, underneath those coveralls was the wrong parts, Cougar had become like a sister to her. T'Zohl wanted and needed to stay in Camelot.

She was out at the reserve to haul the same old drunk into the Health Care Center for the third time this week. He had drank too much and needed their help to dry out. John and Russ had responded in the Quest because he had hit a youth with his can walking home from the Excursion.

T'Zohl when she saw John. He had to know that Wolf had left. He asked T'Zohl how she was doing. She smiled and then slowly pulled her hair back to reveal the growing points on her ears. John smiled, "I have a solution for that."

"I bet you do.", T'Zohl grinned.

That evening, T'Zohl waited for Maple to leave for the Excursion and then walked over to John's. The task force commander opened the door. T'Zohl invited herself in. She talked about Wolf leaving for 2396. John told T'Zohl he was unhappy with how forceful Maple was. T'Zohl leaned over and kissed him. They had been a couple before.

The Vulcan was soon straddling her Captain. John unzipped his pants and slid inside the pilot. T'Zohl started bouncing, "This is how it should be."

"Oh yeah.", John smiled.

T'Zohl looked at John kissing him on the mouth, "I know that Vulcans have abandoned emotion and the benefits are overwhelming. The culture serves as a standard for all others in its pragmatic approach."

T'Zohl started going faster and gasped for a breath as she spoke, "But damn forgoing orgasm may have been a poor choice."

The Vulcan moaned as John held her hips. She was right. This is how it should be.

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How It Should Be
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