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 Dear John...

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PostSubject: Dear John...   Mon May 02, 2016 8:13 am

Maple was deeply hurt by John and T'Zohl reconciling. She was once again alone having had recent failed relationships with John and Galley. She had even contemplated returning to Betazed but the bar flies who loved the Excursion really wanted her to stay.

Maple was about to give up when Shane Trmel came in after meeting with the new prisoners Zee and Rhilan. He needed a drink. Shane had had a rejection of his own. He had lost Jenyris to the Jose Hatherton experiment. Jose had recently arrived from the future.

Shane drank the first beer very quickly ordering another. Maple teased, "Easy big fella!"

Shane explained that he was beginning to feel the discomfort caused by the hormonal imbalance created by VHS. For Shane, it was doubly bad. He was a hidden Andorian and he was part of the Nicole Branson gender balance initiative.

Maple, being a doctor first asked if there was anything she could do to help. Shane joked, "Not unless you want to go in the back room and f**k me."

Maple looked at Shane, "Not unless you buy me dinner first."

Shane looked at her, "Really?"

Maple winked, "Oh yeah."

Shane looked at her, "Let me shower and shave. I will pick you up in an hour."

Shane gulped as Maple came down the stairs at the Excursion, "Like that?"

"John needs to learn what he gave up.", Maple suggested.

"Fool.", Shane took her hand.

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Dear John...
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