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 Unacceptable Behaviour

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Unacceptable Behaviour    Mon May 02, 2016 8:16 am

Deveniss was not happy to get the call about potential prostitution at the local gas station. He immediately thought it was a young native girl trying to make extra cash. He was embarrassed to learn that his profiling had been totally wrong. He walked around the truck to find another female.

Saehir looked at Dev, "I thought you would never get here."

"Handcuff me and take me to bed.", the returning Romulan offered.

"Saehir, this is not how you win me back. This is sleazy and inappropriate.", Deveniss lectured her.

"Nicole is out. I thought we should celebrate.", Saehir grabbed the cuffs from his belt. She cuffed her own hands together, "I am yours."

Deveniss shook his head. Saehir winked, "We are a couple. If we are not, I will release more information to Section 31 or the Tal Shiar to bring this place down."

Saehir turned around wiggling her butt back and forth, "This is a win for you Admiral. Come and drop a torpedo into Romulan territory."

Deveniss put her in the car. She smiled. Deveniss took her back to his trailer. He followed her to the bedroom. He locked her in. Handcuffed.

She screamed, "Let me out!"

Deveniss smiled, "We are a couple but you need to be appropriate for your role as the girlfriend of the station commander for us to have a relationship. This was not that behaviour."

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Unacceptable Behaviour
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