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 Seeding the Lawn

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Seeding the Lawn   Mon May 02, 2016 8:17 am

There was a thing called the Nicole Branson gender balance project which affected multiple couples on the temporal assignment. Because of the prejudice of 2016, there was a goal to make it easier for personnel to serve a temporal operatives. People hated it.

There were even protests in Paris 2396 as students were afraid of joining the King's Fleet for fear this may happen to them as well. The truth is for many students the King's Fleet was considered an exciting option because of the nine colonies and time spent in two other universes. People join Starfleet for the adventures. Many end up in regimented and almost non-functional service aboard science vessels never encountering even another vessel during their entire career. The regional fleet authorities, like the Hathertons, Montgomerys or King's, provide much more adventure.

Autumn Laree left the troubles of living in Camelot 2016 for the Corinthians Station group hoping for action. She got gun inspections and even station clean up. She never got action. She got rules, regulations and procedures. She missed responding to fire in Brooklyn. She loved it there. Over time, she realized that responding to fire in the old green hand me down fire truck was just as exciting. Highway 7 had its share of wrecks. Autumn went to Alexander to ask to go back.

Admiral Alexander Laree was furious. Autumn was an excellent tactical officer. She understood the weaponry and its care better than anyone in the Betazoid Alliance. Alexander refused. Autumn appealed to Admiral Viceroy himself. Vincent agreed to speak to Alexander.

Alexander hated the temporal assignment. He knew it was a necessary evil but he hated that Hulanen loved it in Camelot serving as a judge. Alexander used the Nicole Branson gender balance directive to say that Autumn could go as a male. He knew she would refuse.

Autumn went to Vincent once more. She suggested that she would go to Camelot 2016 as a female but take back Velvet Sanders as her partner and Velvet could become the male necessary for gender balance. It was an effective work around. Vincent had felt that the volunteer fire department would be better served with a male chief.

Autumn walked down the hallway of the trailer. She slowly opened the door, "Val?"

Velvet rubbed her eyes, "Autumn?"

She turned he stood up naked. He was ruggedly handsome. Val hugged Autumn, "It is so good to see you."

As her breasts touched his chest, he realized that he had no breasts. Val jumped back, "What the hell has happened to me?"

"I could only come back if I maintained the gender balance. I chose you to be my name partner.", Autumn explained.

Val ran into the bathroom looking at the thing between his legs. Val cried out as he squared for a morning pee, "How could you?"

"They wanted me to do it but I couldn't. I was too afraid.", Autumn looked at Val.

"But I like girls.", Val offered.

"This works perfectly for that.", Autumn grinned.

"How are we going to explain what happened to Velvet?", Val asked.

"She is your sister. She left town.", Autumn quickly solved that problem.

Val looked around for something that would fit his now larger frame. He found some stretchy sweats and a football jersey. He glared at Autumn, "We will have to get some clothes."

"Do you want to go to Leo's for breakfast?", Val grumbled.

"I would like that.", the red haired Betazoid looked at Val.

After breakfast the pair were walking back to the Renaissance talking about Val's relationship with Tasha. Autumn felt a great pain in her heart as She learned of their love making. She started to tear up.

Val reminded Autumn that she had left him. Autumn felt ashamed and sad. She purposefully stumbled into the grass.

Autumn pulled Val down next to her. She kissed him deeply on the mouth, "Will you make love me to me right here?"

Val told Autumn he was still figuring out his male body. He was not ready to insert his penis into anyone yet. He however pulled her pants down sticking two fingers inside his returning partner. Autumn moaned as she reconnected with her Tholian mate. Autumn was a bit scared as Val's face disappeared between her legs. She moaned grabbing the grass with all her might.

The USS Archangel was back in the right hands.

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Seeding the Lawn
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