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 Supper With Friends

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PostSubject: Supper With Friends   Fri May 20, 2016 6:15 pm

There is a history between Thua'ra Varno and Legate Phanell. Phanell succeeded Varno as head of the Obsidian Order. He tried to convince Varno to join his rebellion and rebuilding Cardassian Union. Varno refused saying that he had been changed by his service here in the King's Fleet. Phanell continued his acts of aggression. He would finally be ousted by the Hebetian Republic and Minister Gowan.

Many thought their history would end there. Phanell was even rumoured dead. Phanell returned here to the temporal colony in 2016 first as Penny and now as Perry Phanell. He has rebuilt who he is serving as a report generating desk jockey in the station but following orders, doing the right thing and helping out.

Perry had not really paid much attention to the relationship between Ro Marino and Thua'ra Varno until he started his relationship with Matio Kira. Perry reached out to his fellow transgendered couple. Thua'ra agreed to meet his fellow Cardassian for supper.

Perry really wanted the event to go well. He honked the horn trying to convince Matio to hurry. The cross dressing male came out of the trailer. Perry was very happy to see the magical female appear.

Perry was still struggling with their linkage because of the male-male hookup but having someone looking like that made it a little easier to swallow.

Varno, Ro, Kira and Phanell enjoyed a supper as Varno and Phanell discussed sex with a transgendered partner.

Perry followed Matio into her trailer. Matio poured a glass of wine and offered the Cardassian a beer. The pair discussed how enjoyable the evening had been. Perry told Matio that Varno had put his mind at ease about anal sex with a transgendered partner describing at as only tighter and requiring more lubricant. Matio grinned.

Perry was about to leave for the evening. Matio kissed him, putting his hand on her ass. She smiled, "I went to the doctor today."

"Oh.", Perry did not quite understand the reference.

"I have been given a clean bill of health after the prison attack.", Matio explained.

"Oh.", Perry raised an eyebrow.

"Do you know what that means?", Matio asked.

Perry looked at Matio, "No."

Matio smiled, "I stopped at the drug store and bought lots of lubricant."

Perry looked at Matio, "You mean?"

Matio dropped her cute skirt wiggling her thong as she strutted down the hallway.

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Supper With Friends
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