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 Figure It Out

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PostSubject: Figure It Out   Fri May 20, 2016 6:17 pm

The youngling in her formative teen years came to see Skye. She had learned that the High Clerics of Tan had built a house near the palace. The youngling had blossomed into a lady complete with the red orchid that marks its beginning. She wailed as she described the Crimson marking beneath her dres.

Dr. Greene, known as a high cleric in the realms comforted the youngling and provided some advice including padding her knickers to prevent acknowledgement by others. The child was pleased with the help and promised to send others.

The child then asked the question on the lips of the castle groundlings, "Is it true?"

"Is what true, child?", Skye responded.

"Is it true that the benefactor of this house is a brown Orc, Lord Tan?", the child inquired.

"Yes, child. His lordship serves in the high court of the Queen.", Skye responded.

"He is nearly 8 feet tall and has the strength of four men.", the child relayed the myth.

"Tis true.", Skye continued the myth.

The child ran off. Skye walked back into the common area of the house. She saw Tan for the first time. Like Galileo, she had only been given a briefing scroll. Tan was 8 feet tall. He did have the brown leathery skin of a Hierarchy Clanner. He was not the handsome thirty something that she had spent time with in Brooklyn and Saskatchewan. Skye gasped at his sheer size.

Tan spoke in his gentle way, "Good day, Doctor."

"High Cleric, your lordship.", Skye corrected.

Skye walked up to the gentle giant Tan. She looked at the notorious eunuch Clanner. She grabbed the front of his leather pants, "Are you fully restored?"

Skye pulled the pants forward and looked inside. Orcs are considered malformed humanoids and are known for their protruding bottom Jaw and notoriously large, almost boar like bottom teeth. They are considered unintelligent and brutish and are known for kidnapping human women and brutalizing them. Skye looked inside to see a proportional male appendage, a big one. She looked at Tan, "My. My."

Tan smiled, "Blame it on Section 31. They were worried that if I became captured the cloned appearance of the Hierarchy would become the stuff of myth and pollute the timeline."

"How are we gonna handle that?", Skye looked at Tan.

"I did not think we would handle it at all. I know you were with me to help with the hormones of VHS and Branson Beauty. There is no need for that here.", Tan observed.

"Tan, you are a fool. I was with you because whether on the stations or in the towns of the temporal colony, you made it possible for me to do what I love; to save lives. I loved you for that. Now here as the benefactor of this house even in the perils of a medieval time, we are and will save lives. I love you for that.", Skye explained, "Don't you get it, I love you."

Skye kissed him on the chest. It was as high as the young cleric could reach.

"We will figure it out.", Skye grinned reaching into his pants and trying to grasp his manhood.

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High Cleric Skylight Greene
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Figure It Out
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