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 Slave Trader

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Slave Trader   Fri May 20, 2016 6:17 pm

Mars read the scroll over and over again. He opened the chest in his quarters in the castle to reveal his wealth. He looked at scroll again. Master thief. Hmmm... Even if he never stole another thing he would not want for anything in this realm. He had wealth. He should have been happy.

Mars Viceroy read the scroll again, "Slave Trader."

He was a Viceroy. He stood what was good in Starfleet. In the temporal realities, he had been a parole officer trying to help others return to society. He could not believe he was being asked to serve as a slave trader.

He was going to help these people get free no matter what it cost. Mars walked through the market. He walked back to his quarters. He was sitting on the bed staring at the scroll and the treasure chest. He heard a knock. Mars opened the door.

London stepped into the quarters. Mars looked at the beauty, "This was a reboot. You were freed from the temporal prison in Saskatchewan. You could have returned as a knight. What were you thinking?"

London looked at Mars, "You got me freed! I owe you everything. I made a mistake. I want to spend my life making this up to you."

London wiggled out of her shorts. She pushed the master thief onto his back releasing his manhood from his leather pants. London slid down on the tool. She smiled as she looked at Mars. Mars smiled back. Maybe being in this realm won't be so bad.

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Slave Trader
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