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 King Of The Jungle

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PostSubject: King Of The Jungle   Fri May 20, 2016 6:18 pm

Deveniss walked through the countryside dressed in the black armour of his office, Sheriff of Camelot. He was standing in the village when a man wearing only leather armour challenged the sheriff. He drew his iron sword and began yelling at the Sheriff that he was only a great man because of his allegiance to the Queen and his armour purchased by her.

He motioned to his wench as the beautiful but shabbily clad woman walked out. The man turned to Deveniss telling him that in the law of the jungle, the measure of a man is his ability to land the most appealing female.

"You are a snake man. You probably could not even land a mate of any kind.", the man shouted.

Deveniss looked at the ground. Saehir Marrus came walking up.

She interlaced her hand into his. Deveniss looked at the man, "We are not the enemy. We are here to make sure that the citizens of the realm follow the rules."

"Like your tax collector?", the man mocked.

"Huh?", Deveniss soundly hardly like someone from this era.

The man described the hideous troll in such detail that Deveniss recognized the large curly eared description as Zek Ishka. He was very unhappy to learn that Zek was skimming on the taxes. He promised to look into the activities of this troll and to bring it up with the queen.

The townsfolk were quite appreciative of the support from Lord Deveniss.

Deveniss walked with Saehir, "Why did you come? Many returned to 2396 when the previous temporal colony was withdrawn."

"I came because you came here.", Saehir offered.

Deveniss smiled. Saehir interrupted before he could speak, "And because the Tal Shiar want to maintain access to the wormhole network."

Deveniss sort of frowned. Saehir looked at the snake man, "Creatures in these ancient realms were believed to be cursed men. Your snake appearance is just such a curse."

Saehir had heard about Skye and Tan. She grabbed the metal cod piece and pulled it out. She grinned and winked at the sheriff.

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Lord Deveniss of Selay
Sheriff of the Shire of Camelot
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King Of The Jungle
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