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 A Forest Nymph

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PostSubject: A Forest Nymph   Fri May 20, 2016 6:19 pm

Perry was walking with the Druids of Tanmesad. He was still trying to figure out how the Cardassian features of Vash and Thua'ra had been restored and his had not. He still looked like a burly cop from Canada. The party had learned that the Shield of Tanmesad could cover them all and protect them from harm.

The group came to the health house. Though Druids and Clerics are traditional rivals, Thua'ra was very happy to know that Ro Marino was okay. He hugged his life partner. The wanderers left for Camelot.

The party arrived to find the palace floor market filled with people. Perry walked into Galley's and ordered a pint. Matio had pledge the Health House as a cleric adept to learn the arts. He had not heard from Perry or any members of the Druids of Tanmesad. He was stunned to see the cop in Camelot.

Matio quickly changed from the robes of a cleric adept into something else. He became a she and he directed Perry into the trees outside the palace.

The black skirt covered the parts he wanted hidden but could easily be lifted to expose the part he didn't.

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A Forest Nymph
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