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 Killing It

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Killing It   Fri May 20, 2016 6:20 pm

Tanus had been restored to near Gorn form looking like a Dragon man. He had agreed to serve as the Master Archer in the armies of Nicole Branson. Tanus had become the perfect instrument against the wandering Orc parties and other mythical barbarians in the realm.

Tanus had learned that Trixie Bose had also been selected as a temporal operative and had arrived in the realm living as a castle groundling feeding in the marketplace and sleeping in the corners of the palace. Tanus learned that Trixie had returned not as a Tellarite Bovidae but as a human. He feared that she feared him. She had been fabulous in Saskatchewan. Tanus had come to love her.

Tanus had been given a hut near the palace so that he could provide assault from the rear if an army made a move on the palace. He had returned from the daily searches for the wandering parties named for the vessels of the King's Fleet. Nicole wanted to know they were safe.

Tanus heard a knock on the door. He believed it was Lord Belvedere to provide a map of the searches thus far. He opened the door. Trixie smiled.

Tanus looked at the youthful groundling. Trixie looked at the eight foot dragon man and winked. She was wearing a sheer tunic. Tanus could see right through it. He took a deep breath.

Trixie looked at him, "Don't hurt me."

Tanus picked her up like a flea. He carried her into the hut. Trixie had learned from the High Cleric Skylight Greene about the temporal magic and the rise of the giant men.

It is said the moans could be heard throughout the countryside. People believed the dragon man was killing something.

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Killing It
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