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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Sponsor.....   Fri May 20, 2016 6:22 pm

Dawn had enjoyed the authority of working for the President of the United Federation of Planets but like anyone who has ever served in the King's Fleet, she longed to be with her people. She would never have been able to have this position but for service with the King's. She had been given an opportunity despite her T'Waakian hybrid features and history.

Dawn had been executive officer on the Quest and Tanmesad earning tremendous praise for her leadership. She also refused Viceroy Humanization Surgery (VHS) for fear of its failure and exposing the cops of Brooklyn and Canada. She however wanted to go back.

Upon approaching Vincent, she was told she will have to have a sponsor. She will need someone to invite her. With Vash and Sera as a couple and John and Russia reconciling, Dawn thought she would be on the outside looking in.

The stories of Click and Victoria tearing the paint off the wall with their lovemaking in the Renaissance Apartments of King's County, New York or truly shaking the pilings in the Renaissance Trailer Park in Camelot, Saskatchewan are the stuff of legend and everyone thought the magic would end with the return of the Xindi Insectoid to the realm of Camelot. Click, like a few others decided to keep his VHS body and has already turned heads by bathing in a pond with his Victoria in service to the Horsemen. They are having so much fun making up for lost time.

Thecceril Kimosann was an enslaved Insectoid freed from the Orions. He was given a second chance and a second body with VHS and service to the cops. His new body has allowed him to become a Horsemen. He was tasked with caring for the horses. They struggled with him. The horses know. He may look like a handsome youthful ranger but he is a hidden bug. Thecceril wanted help with the horses.

Thecceril read the sponsor scroll brought to the palace. Who better to understand a horse then a genetic relative? Thecceril opted to sponsor Dawn as his Pledge and stable mate. Dawn had been a starship captain and now she was but a pledge to the Horsemen of Viscount Tchilack.

Thecceril had the right. The horses loved Dawn. The truth is, she loved them too. She was working hard. Her hands were starting to callus but she did not care. She was loving the work. She was grateful to Ranger Kimosann.

Thecceril had returned to the stable with his steed. He called for Dawn.

"In here.", she called back from a stall.

Thecceril walked down to the stall.

Thecceril looked at Dawn, "Dear lord. I am not even sure I would know what to do."

Thecceril thought of being sick as a result of not maintaining his hormone levels in the other realms. He was terrified but excited to have an opportunity to feel normal again.

Dawn wiggled her tail, "I think you know. I also think you have been watching Click and Vickie light it up."

Thecceril grabbed her hips and thrust inside. He roared with the amazing feel of that touch. He and Dawn merged their sponsor relationship.

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