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 Shield Sheilas

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PostSubject: Shield Sheilas    Fri May 20, 2016 6:22 pm

As it was revealed that the Klingons had targeted the Archangel due to the existence of High Priest Val Sanders because of his gender reassignment and lifestyle choice. The purist Klingon horde had targeted Sanders because of the penalties enforced upon Rhilan Kevoth and demanded that all those associated with such unacceptable behaviour be killed first and only pure love would be permitted.

Rhilan only knows a portion of the colonial history and is said to have a sixth sense for unacceptable behaviour like cross dressing or homosexuality.

Phanell of the Tanmesad has grown in his understanding of the ways of the Druid and has finally been able to restore the white lizard like skin of his Cardassian heritage. Phanell had used the spell clairvoyance to view the horrors of the Klingon Barbarians beating Val Sanders to death. The brutality had even terrorized the Cardassian and Phanell had fought a brutal terrorist war on Cardassia and participated in the occupation of Bajor. Phanell learned of the horde hunting those who did not fit the norm. Using the same polymorph spell of the Druids used to restore his Cardassian features, he transformed Matio, his girlfriend and Ro Marino into women to hide them from the horde.

Matio was happy with her new features but Marino was still trying to understand his new features. Marino was a gay man not a transgendered female. He was not thrilled to have lost his manhood.

Marino stood waiting for the High Druid Thua'ra Varno. He needed to understand their relationship under these new parameters.

Thua'ra looked at Marino. He tried to hide his excitement at her new features but Marino knew. Marino was not happy but he also had no desire to be pounded into oblivion. She just gave a forced smile.

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Shield Sheilas
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