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 Putting It Out There

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PostSubject: Putting It Out There   Fri May 20, 2016 6:23 pm

When the possessors of the Sword of Quasar entered the realm, the wanderers wanted to establish the ideal touring party: a swordsman, a magic user, a cleric and a thief. John Warren became the swordsman. With her gender return, the blue Orc as the Andorians are described in the realm Russia Trmel became the cleric, T'Zohl following other Vulcans became the Elf magic user and she enticed Wolf Faulkner to return to the realm as the thief.

The return brought with it the forced return of the romance between T'Zohl and the son of Fox Faulkner. T'Zohl and John had a relationship in Saskatchewan. She wanted that to continue but that to was a it forced and more about convenience than about romance.

When Wolf came back, there was a bit of a honeymoon. The elven influence had reduced some of the logic based functional sex with a Vulcan and T'Zohl's experts with orgasm in Saskatchewan had put her into it more. The trouble is the honeymoon was quickly over as the wandering party ate roots and berries after not being to bag a venison in days. B wolf became a complainer and a big baby. He lacked the adaptability to be a temporal colonist. Soon Wolf was in contact with Admiral Viceroy and returning to the future.

John wanted to maintain a four person minimum and the class distribution. He began looking for a rogue to join their troops. During the search, Russia proposed the unthinkable. She proposed the inclusion of Lanec Trmel as their thief. He was a Trmel and a relative.

Lanec Trmel destroyed the Camelot Station at the Andorian Gatewy in the Delta Quadrant. Lanec nearly destroyed the colony in his service to Section 31. Russia may be the boss in the bed she shares with the Swordsman John Warren but she had some convincing to allow for John to accept Lanec Trmel.

Russia lay on the abdomen of John Warren with his leather pants pulled down. Her heads was bobbing as she explained to John that there was no one better suited to the role than Lanec. She reminded John that the entire universe thought he was an evil betrayer when he took the Quasar Quest into the mirror universe. Sometimes the right thing for your people is not the popular or commonly acceptable thing. Russia earned the opinion of the Swordsman by swallowing his "real" sword.

T'Zohl and Lanec were walking about ten paces behind John and Russia. Lanec looked at T'Zohl, "The King's Fleet has always encouraged a relationship amongst its command crews to create a loving loyalty."

"Not on your best day, Andorian!", T'Zohl looked at Lanec.

"I am just putting it out there.", Lanec winked. T'Zohl turned away in disgust.

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Putting It Out There
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