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 Ricin' High

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Ricin' High   Fri May 20, 2016 6:24 pm

In order to better protect the eunuch aliens or hyper sexual aliens in the realm of Camelot, the DNA of mythical orcs was introduced into the bodies of the Gorn, the Hierarchy Clanner and the Selayan. The goal was to create at least a passable vision that these aliens as Orcs or their relatives. The results increased the strength of these men tenfold making them virtually unmatchable in tests of strength and power.

The second and less expected side effect was the male sex organ. Images of the oversized troll like Orcs with long shlongs dangling outside their tattered tunics are a part of mythology. Their existence has become known to the inhabitants of the realm. The screams of Trixie Bose in the forest cave of the dragon man are known to the realm. Trixie still goes back.

Skye had come to respect and love her Hierarchy Clanner. His methodical approach had deciphered many of the cleric tomes and scrolls in the Health House. He had helped them cure heavy wounds with the spells of the High Clerics. He had hoped to raise the dead but has yet been unsuccessful. The pair were in the house alone as Tan worked on more spells of the High Cleric and potions for travelers to take into the realm.

Skye left the room and went back into the living quarters. She changed into some fine lingerie. She had spent her evenings in the realm weaving the tapestry to create the piece of art. She walked out to see Tan.

Tan smiled as she walked towards him. She slowly undid his uniform pants as they fell to the floor. She pushed her Clanner back into the chair. She had done this before. She put one hand on either side of that large Orc piece of meat and began to rub up and down. Tan squirmed in the chair as she licked the top. It was as big as a large waffle cone. Tan laid back as Skye went faster. Skye stood up and unlaced the base of her body suit. She turned around and slowly lowered her body on the tip of the Orc tower. She slowly started to bounce. It was big. There was no doubt. She started to moan. She could not help herself. She thought of the legend of Trixie and Tanus. They rivalled Vickie and Click. She tried to stay quiet but it was impossible. Tan finally could not hold it any longer. The vanilla spewed from that waffle cone.

Skye was up in the morning when Tan awoke. She was walking gingerly.

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Lord Tan of the Hierarchy
High Cleric
The Health House of Camelot
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Ricin' High
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