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 Shower Time

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PostSubject: Shower Time   Fri May 20, 2016 6:26 pm

Cougar had not felt very feminine running the potion wagon in the market place. There is no place to shower. The only bathing or washing clothes either occurs in the castle moat or the nearby river. The moat is especially bad because people tend to urinate or deficate in the moat to control smell.

If you are a gay male then cleanliness is critically important. Cougar has felt disgusting and not really into sex with Terry Coren. He did not want anything unfortunate to happen due to lack of cleanliness. The other concern for sex amongst males is lubricant. In the realm, it had been difficult to find a substance.

Cougar was invited to the Archangel monastery by Giselle Leo. Giselle introduced Cougar to the monastery water wheel which actually creates a shower. Giselle also introduced Cougar to soap created by the monastery. Cougar could not believe how clean she finally felt. Giselle then introduced Cougar to the aloe vera that grows naturally near the monastery. Giselle showed Cougar that if you break open the leaves the natural oil is a perfect lubricant and its healing properties would assist in the event of rectal tearing. Cougar finally felt female.

Giselle then showed Cougar a gown suited to the era. She told the cross dresser than he could have the gown.

Terry returned from grabbing a bite in the market to find a cleaned up and gorgeous Cougar sitting on a bench near their potion wagon.

Terry looked at his beauty, "Wow! You clean up well."

Cougar smiled. She stood up, "Defender Leo has introduced me to a magical lubricant growing naturally near the monastery.", she whispered to her lover.

Terry smiled back.

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Shower Time
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