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 Will You Marry Me?

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Will You Marry Me?   Fri May 20, 2016 6:26 pm

Monica entered the clairvoyant closet in the castle Camelot. The place of worship was off the main hall of the palace and was used to communicate with the future. A magic user would cast a sell opening a window of clairvoyance between Starfleet and the temporal operatives.

Monica told Vincent that life in the realm was hell. There were no rights awarded to females. If she was not in the presence of Lord Deveniss, the castle folk would not even speak to her. If she was not in the company of the sheriff she was not permitted off the floor of the castle. She had slept with the groundlings huddled around the fire trying to stay warm when his lordship was detained in the realm. She begged the gatekeeper to let her up the stairs but without the official seal as the wife of his lordship, she was simply a common whore providing comfort to the good sir knight.

Monica expressed her unhappiness and even her depression in the realm. Vincent wanted Monica to serve in the Beta Quadrant with the Montgomery Fleet and offered her a chance to return to the Federation. Monica declined stating the importance that vessels in service to Admiral Brandon Montgomery needed access to the wormhole network to survive the Zaranite raids in the former Phoenix Federation dominated territory.

Vincent told Monica that she had only one other option then. Monica had called the calm and deliberate Admiral hoping for sage advice. Vincent told Monica that she had to become a member of the royal court. She had to convince Deveniss to make her his spouse and thus a Lady in the court.

Monica waited for Deveniss to return from his meeting with King Nicolas. The Selayan Snake man walked in as Monica stood near the fireplace.

Monica began to unlace her dress. She looked at Lord Deveniss, "I would like full access to the upper chambers of the palace. The only way for that to be permitted is to become a member of the royal court. I have to breed to a prince or a lord."

Her dress fell to the floor exposing her naked beauty.

"I don't think a monster could do any better than this.", Monica opened her arms.

Deveniss looked at Monica, "And if I decline."

"I will return to the future.", Monica threatened.

Deveniss looked at Monica, "I am a Lord and you make chamber pots. You are beneath my station."

Monica started to cry. She had faced this type of bullying based upon caste since coming to the realm.

"I am standing before you naked. I will be a good wife. I promise you.", Monica begged. She was disgraced by her own behaviour.

"I am the one who will experience ridicule.", Lord Deveniss explained.

"I was the one who stood with you while you slept 16 hours each day and I was the one who experienced ridicule for allowing a scaly knuckle to penetrate me as a form of lovemaking. I kept the stations running while you slept.", Monica lectured.

Deveniss looked at her, "Lady Monica Montgomery, will you marry me?"

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Will You Marry Me?
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