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 Left Helm Position

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Left Helm Position    Fri May 20, 2016 6:28 pm

Lanec had actually done a very good job in the Knights of Quasar traveling party as the rogue. In fact, had they not had him, they may not have eaten some nights. Now back aboard the ship, John had decided to give Lanec a chance to serve as a tactical officer. Lanec even agreed to the introductory of ensign to stay aboard the Quest.

The former Andorian General was reduced to pushing buttons but he was trying to reinvent himself. He understood what that meant. He followed orders and did everything asked of him.

John really wanted the best possible crew as the Klingons continued to work towards reinforcing the horde on the surface. Khilan Kevoth, now calling herself her father's minister was hellbent on getting control of the wormhole network even if that including a colonial genocide on the surface of Camelot.

The Quest had been in multiple firefights since returning from the temporal assignment. These brutal fights highlighted the need for two high quality pilots on the Helmand not just Commander T'Zohl. John went to see the humanized Click. Tchilick told John that he had come to love his sexual relationship with Victoria Viceroy. He would only join the Quest for a similar relationship with T'Zohl of Vulcan.

T'Zohl flat out refused. She told John that she had spent her return in deep meditation trying to restore her Vulcan mind. She was not about to simply give that up to be pounded by a humanized Xindi. John tried to be convincing but the Vulcan refused.

About a week later, the Quest was engaged by a horrid group of two Klingon vessels. T'Zohl was barely able to get the big bird to safety. She was actually terrified that it had ended right there. She had finally made it back to the helm of the Double Q and she was going to die there. She needed help. T'Zohl went to see John. The Vulcan looked at the floor, "Invite the Xindi."

Click walked onto the helm of the Quest. He looked at T'Zohl and raised his shirt to expose his rippled abdomen.

He winked. She shuttered. Click followed her into the bed chamber of her quarters. He dropped his uniform pants. He was already excited by his mentor. She undressed slowly and lay down on the bed facing the pillow and her headboard. Her gorgeous buttocks lay naked on that bed. Click lifted her hips a little bit to create a path for his humanized manhood. He slid inside. T'Zohl was used to efficient sex with Wolf Faulkner. She barely moved as her former life partner would thrust in and out. She thought this is what would happen between her and Click. He began sliding in and out. Somehow this felt different. T'Zohl thought she must have somehow been changed by riding John Warren in Saskatchewan and she tried to refocus her mind. She was performing a duty; a duty that could save her ship and her life. T'Zohl started squirming. There was something about sex with Click. He seemed to feel her. Like T'Zohl, he was a great pilot. He seemed to be in tune with her.

T'Zohl could not help herself. She gripped the pillow with the excitement of a school girl experiencing her first explosion. The Vulcan screamed as the humanized Xindi started to go faster. T'Zohl grabbed the walls and cam reed for the blankets almost swimming beneath the thrusting Xindi. It was unbelievable how good it felt. Click started to go deeper and harder. T'Zohl thought he was going to tear her apart when he exploded inside her. Her head lay over the edge of the bed as she gasped for breath. She knew why Victoria lost her mind in King's County and in Saskatchewan. Click was amazing. Words could not describe how good that felt.

The Xindi returned from the bathroom with white cloth wiping off his human thing. T'Zohl had been with Wolf Faulkner for many years. He was a well endowed African American male. She had obviously tried to please Wolf but it was always about duty and obligation. She looked at Click and grabbed his hips. She put his manhood in her mouth. She could not believe her compulsion. She slurped trying to get Click hard again. She grinned as she stroked his cock as it hardened again. She laid back on the bed opening her legs inviting her co-pilot to become one again.

T'Zohl had been a symbol of great womanhood in the King's Fleet. She had stood for women's rights. She hoped she could do that still. She hoped she could be that person even though she was laying beneath Click with her legs in the air. T'Zohl grinned as the humanized Xindi grabbed her ankles and pushed her legs up to her ears. It just felt so good.

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Left Helm Position
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