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 I Am For You

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PostSubject: I Am For You   Fri May 20, 2016 6:29 pm

Monica Montgomery gave up the admiralty to come to the temporal colony of Camelot. She became Lady Monica and controlled the marketplace on the castle floor like her own personal empire becoming extremely powerful in the trading world of the realm. When the colony was moved back into the universe proper, Monica could have assuredly moved to the Beta Quadrant in commons of the Montgomery Fleet but she chose to stay on the surface and serve the colony in the trading of goods.

Monica had come to love her role and was very happy to see Queen Nicole replace the snivelling Nicolas and a return to happiness in the realm. Lady Monica was a frequent guest of the Queen in the court. Monica had become a good friend to the Chief of Staff and Governor of the colony.

Deveniss was unhappy in command of Governor's Station. He was alone in space. He missed being around Monica. He sent Pasha Trmel to the surface to act as his emissary. Pasha was given authority to offer an admiralty to Lady Monica and the role of executive officer on the station; a fabulous offer to be sure. Monica listened to Pasha. She smiled, "Should I return to space, I will have rank and authority. Of that, there is no doubt. I will have the love of Deveniss. These are things that can be guaranteed. I however will not have the Snake Man of Camelot, I will have an aged Selayan who sleeps often and relies on me to run his station. I do not want that."

Pasha was stunned. Monica looked at her, "Like the High Priest Tan, I have a counter offer for Admiral Deveniss. You tell the good commander in chief that he can leave the station and serve here as the Snake Man of Camelot complete with all the magic the role entails. The emphasis my dear Andorian is on Snake MAN. Deveniss will have this body as his lady and he can serve as a magistrate in the court of Queen Nicole. He can serve here with me or serve up there alone."

Pasha practiced her speech with Toni. Toni could not believe that Monica would leave replicators and sonic showers for a world of chamber pots and no showers. Pasha too was stunned by the choice of the human. She could not wait to leave the surface.

Deveniss listened to the observation of Pasha Trmel. He walked over to the glass observation dome in the floating city. He looked down at the colony below. He thought about his service to the King's Fleet and he thought about what was really important in life.

On May 17, 2396, Magistrate Deveniss of Selay arrived in the Court of Camelot. He was presented with his royal robes of the court of Queen Nicole and shown to his quarters in the palace. He walked into the back room. Monica was kneeling on the floor.

"I thought you were never going to get here. What took you so long?", Monica smiled.

"I had to transfer command to Antoinette Viceroy. Duty you know.", Deveniss smiled.

Monica opened his robes to expose the large red Orc manhood of the snake man. She grabbed it with her hands and put the large appendage into her mouth, "Duty I know."

Deveniss looked at Monica, "We are equals. We have commanded fleets of thousands. You owe me nothing."

"Here in Camelot, your lordship, I am the wife. I am bound by duty to service my man.", Monica stood up turning around and bending over.

"I am for you.", Monica smiled.

Deveniss looked at Monica, "While tradition and role may make you the executive officer, in truth I came at your orders. I am for you."

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I Am For You
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