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 Snow Falling

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PostSubject: Snow Falling   Fri May 20, 2016 6:29 pm

T'Now S'Leo is the Caitian ambassador to Starfleet and has aggressively pursued a career that n the King's Fleet serving as a station ambassador and briefly as an executive officer during the temporal mission to Brooklyn. She has been trying everything to become part of the adventure that is service in the colonies. She has flat out said she was open to anything.

When Tara was told that in order to remain part of the command staff she would to find a life partner. Tara had not always had the best of luck with that skill including notorious relationships with Tanus of Gorn and Thanius Tchilack which including some less than appetizing sexuality. Tara became known for those relationships and as a bit of unsavoury partner. Her sullied reputation made it difficult to meet the command request.

Tara scoured the unassigned operatives board noticing the continued requests from Ambassador S'Leo to join a vessel in the King's Fleet. Tara agreed to meet with the ambassador to discuss service and her predicament. Tara explained to Snow the command request and the King's Fleet sentiment that relationships breed loyalty amongst the command staff. Tara told Snow that she admired her efforts to join the King's Fleet and her presentation but she was wholly straight and was not interested in a female - female relationship. Snow was very disappointed believing that this may be her last shot.

Tara continued her search aboard Governor's Station even going so far as to travel to the surface to interview potential helm mates and quarters sharers. She was not having any success. She returned to Governor's Station defeated. She was preparing her resignation letter and gathering a gown to return to the surface as a castle groundling. She hated the grovelling for scraps and no cleanliness. It was not the life that had been romanticized for so long.

She was in the tailors shop aboard Governor's when the black panther like Caitian male came walking in. It was the first single male Tara had seen in a while. The Caitian walked straight over, "Will this work for you?"

"Huh?", Tara looked at the cat like alien.

"I am Ambassador T'Now S'Leo. I have changed my gender to meet your needs. I want to run the helm of the Lindsay with you.", Snow smiled.

"Oh I don't think so. That is just plain weird. I have heard of Branson Beauty being used to enhance human features but never to assign gender. That is just weird.", a befuddled Tara gasped.

"I am all male, right down to the genetic code.", Snow offered.

"Why would you do that?", Tara tried to understand.

"It is just weird.", Tara interrupted rushing away not really wanting to know the answer.

Tara traveled to the surface. She huddled against the wall while others built a fire to stay warm on the dirt floor of the palace courtyard. Her feet filled with mud from the rain. Tara nearly vomited when she saw a groundling taking a crap against the palace wall. This was the life of the poor of the realm. Tara thought about the Lindsay. The ship was assigned to stellar cartography and was moving to map the Vulcan system now that Camelot and Governor's Station were additional landmarks. It had replicators, sonic showers a even a holo deck.

Tara thought about her relationships with Tanus and Thanius. She could do and has done worse than the reassigned Caitian. She looked around. Her prospects here included the Klingon genocide, more squalor and scavenging for food.

Tara went to the Health House and asked the High Priest to contact the Caitian Consulate. Tara looked into the window of clairvoyance and told Snow that she would meet him aboard the Lindsay. Snow was overjoyed.

Tara and T'Now S'Leo met with Commander S'Nii and Tasha Viceroy. Sunny commended them for their decision and welcomed them aboard. Snow was so happy. He swung Tara around.

On her second night on the helm, S'Nii asked Tara how her relationship was progressing. Tara told S'Nii the truth. It was not. She was scared of the Caitian male. S'Nii warned Tara of the requirement aboard the Lindsay.

Tara arrived home before Snow. He had taken an extra few hours on the helm to get better acquainted with the controls and the skill set necessary to be a pilot aboard the single nacelle starship. He was becoming an improved pilot.

Tara prepazred herself as her pilot colleague walked in.

Tara looked at Snow, "So you say your all man."

"Oh yeah.", Snow dropped his pants grabbing onto the black panties of Ontario Todd. He pulled them down. The truth was Snow was just as curious as Tara was to see how it felt too.

Snow slid inside his pilot friend. It was magical and felt so wonderful. Snow began thrusting in and out. Tara was impressed. It felt fabulous and it fit perfectly. This was not going to be half bad. In fact, as the Caitian got going faster, it was downright amazing. Tara moaned as Snow exploded inside her. Wow!

Tara flopped down on the bed. She rolled onto her back as Snow laid beside her, panting. Tara looked at Snow, "Thank you, Ambassador. I could have spent my evening huddled by a fire begging for scraps from the returning knights instead of doing that."

"It's Lieutenant now, Tara. Thanks to you. I am a pilot, a stellar cartographer and a crew member. You have made my fantasies come true.", Snow's eyes glassed over with tears of joy.

Tara rolled on top of her Caitian mate. She started grinding on his groin. Snow looked at her, "Again?"

Tara grinned as his manhood grew hard once more. She slowly directed his thing inside her as she bounced on her mate, "Now it's time for you to make my fantasies come true."

Snow grabbed her hips pulling her down. S'Nii was right. This does make the service way better.

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Snow Falling
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