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 Cow Pies.....

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PostSubject: Cow Pies.....   Fri May 20, 2016 6:30 pm

Beatrice Bose was reborn in the temporal assignments. She became the beautiful Trixie Bose and a big part of the life of Tanus of Gorn. In the realm, her sexual relationship with the Dragon Man has rivalled the legend of Click and Victoria. The forest screams are well known in the region and have also added to the legend Tanus as well.

Trixie was having fun with her reputation as well. The master archer has been a good provider for the castle groundling. Trixie has been able to roast venison on the castle floor to feed some of her fellow service persons. She has been very popular.

Trixie believed that her sexual relationship would maintain the hormones necessary to continue her humanoid appearance. The problem came when Tanus joined the Knights of Camelot on campaign as they finally engaged the Klingon horde. Tanus had been gone for a while.

Trixie woke up in the morning not as her skinny little human self but instead a Branson Beauty version of her Tellarite Bovidae historical appearance. Trixie was devastated. She bellowed as only a person of her racial history could.

The udder of a female cow is its defining feature. Trixie was still infatuated with Tanus. She had come to love her Dragon Man. Her udder engorged as she waited for the master archer.

Tanus returned from battle. He walked to his mossy knoll in the countryside. He opened the door. Trixie was waiting.

Trixie looked at Tanus, "I am sorry. You have been away."

Tanus smiled, "Sorry for what? You look incredible."

The muscular Dragon Man picked her up tearing off her white uniform pants and forcing himself inside his Bovidae mate. She moaned at the Orcan size of the Dragon Man.

Trixie knew it would not be long before she was back to her Human self. Tanus was after her.

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Cow Pies.....
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