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 Dinner Is Served

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Dinner Is Served   Fri May 20, 2016 6:31 pm

London Todd was given an opportunity to return to the service and even to return as a male admiral. He was offered the chance to form a Todd Fleet in the Alpha Quadrant. It was a beautiful offer as Admiral Vincent Viceroy tried to rebuild the regional fleet authority. London would have real power in the real universe.

London was living in a wooden hut on the castle floor built for her by Mars Viceroy. Mars has built the wooden hut with his own hands and continues to serve as a trader in the markets. His role was originally designated as a slave trader and he arrived in the temporal assignment with several children to sell off. Mars has become a bit of a cult hero freeing his slaves and placing them with barren families creating families not work groups. In the realm of Camelot, these children can actually prolong life.

London slept on a bed made of tree brows and a mattress made of furs but with blankets made of silk stolen by the master thief Mars Viceroy. Her life was not horrible. London told Vincent a second time that she would stay with Mars. Many believe that Admiral Viceroy was struggling with the fact that his nephew was with someone who used to be a male. This is why he has made such an offer.

Franklin Stone has accepted the offer to return to the fighter squadron. Franklin has already been seen in the Governor's Station bar eating and drinking like his old fluffy self. He seemed content to be back in the pilot's seat.

This left Galileo on the surface alone and with a partner. He was working the marketplace food court by himself. Galley had mastered the create food and water spell of the wizards of the realm. He loved life with this magic. He was set. He should have been happy but he was sad after losing Frankie to the Stingers fighter squadron.

The fighters had taken back the horsemen. This left Racquel Madison without a partner. Racquel needed the sexual activities to maintain her hormones. She ran the risk of returning to her historical role as Admiral Richard Madison. He hated the thought. Racquel went to the food court to see Galileo. She simply walked up to the Caitian and announced that since he was comfortable with Frankie Stone, he should be comfortable with her. She told Galley she would put out for him.

The reserved Caitian was shocked at how forward the VHS groundling was. He looked at her, "Would you help out in the restaurant?"

Racquel looked at Galley, "I would be honoured."

Galley waved his hands creating two shots and a glass of water, "For table six."

Racquel picked up the tray and set to work. The pair began to deal with their guests. The evening was finally coming to an end. Galley looked at Racquel coming across the floor, he smiled. She was beautiful.

Galley looked at Racquel, "When would you like this relationship to start?"

Racquel winked, "How soon can you be out of those robes?"

Galley gasped, "I guess in a few moments."

His voice cracked as he tried to comprehend what was happening. Soon Racquel and Galley were laying on a bed of furs.

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Dinner Is Served
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