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 Pair Of Queens

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PostSubject: Pair Of Queens   Fri May 20, 2016 6:33 pm

Posted on Fri May 20th, 2016 @ 1:07pm by Governor Nicole Branson

Nicole was afraid that Jessie had changed in her sexual relationship with the boy King Nicolas. Nicole was very happy to be protected by the starships above. It gave her and the Knight's General Belvedere Brown the confidence to go after the Klingon horde. Nicole had some her swag far back as Queen of Camelot. She also had access to more resources with contact with the station above. The groundlings were being given huts and homes along the outside of the palace.

Nicole had barely seen Lady Jessie since the colony returned to 2396. Jessie had joined General Brown to assess the Klingon horde. Such a journey could take many days. Nicole believed that the Tellarite had chosen the review to stay away from the Queen. Nicole was depressed believing that Keljeska wanted a straight sexual relationship after experiencing the somewhat awkward sex with Nicolas. Nicole believed that Jessie was taken the time to rethink her banishment to Camelot.

Nicole had been out for a ride in the mountains. She and Lord Deveniss had rode out to see the master archer Tanus of Gorn. Nicole placed her steed, disrobed and showered in the sun warmed water. She walked naked into her bed chamber.

Jessie was sitting on a chair in the bed chamber.

"Now that is a look I can live with.", Jessie looked at the naked Queen.

Nicole sat next to her lover, "For real? I thought you might have liked life with Nicolas better."

Jessie placed her hand on Nicole's vagina, "This is way better."

Jessie pushed her fingers inside. Nicole squirmed and wiggled at the magical touch. Things were returning to normal.

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Queen Nicole Branson
Governor of Camelot
King's Fleet
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Pair Of Queens
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