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 Fly Man....

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Nicole Branson

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PostSubject: Fly Man....   Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:34 pm

Posted on Fri May 20th, 2016 @ 7:28pm by Civilian Christine T'Nley

Christine has had to listen to Commander T'Zohl brag about sex with Tchilick Tchilack. She grumbled about General Belvedere Brown wanting to stay on the surface and actually bragging about the war with the Klingon Horde on the ground. He loves the battle; the close combat and the hardships of the battlefield.

Christine knew that Victoria was unhappy with losing Click and she enjoyed interviewing the Stingers squadron commander as she described her anger at the Quest for recruiting Click. Christine suggested that Victoria try a relationship with Thecceril Kimosann. Victoria grumbled, "He is the fly man. He is disgusting."

"He is a handsome VHS human now.", Christine corrected.

"If you like him so much, why don't you date him?", Victoria snapped upset at the suggestion.

Christine was in her quarters. It was here that she would learn that Belvedere Brown had had a battlefield hookup with Teshra Trmel as the Andorian joined Russia and Lanec in trying to rebuild her reputation. Christine was devastated. She needed a drink.

Christine dressed in hot pink pants and a tight black top and headed to the Excursion aboard Governor's.

Christine had had a few when she went for a walk in the preset holo suite garden. She never expected to see Thecceril. The Xindi was walking in the garden. He saw the Romulan-Klingon hybrid. He walked up, "Can you help me?"

"Help you with what?", Christine asked.

Thecceril grabbed his stomach, "My Xindi body is eating me from the inside out. Since Dawn chose service aboard a vessel and not the station, I have had no sexual contact and therefore no hormone generation. I am dying here."

"You are not dying pilot, you are simply returning to your natural state.", Christine explained.

"And what if I don't want to.", Thecceril grabbed her legs knocking her down.

"Please, I am begging you.", Thecceril pulled at her leggings expose her high hip panties.

Christine looked at the fear in the eyes. He was terrified about going back to his life as a Xindi slave. Christine could not help herself. She let the youthful humanized Xindi pull her leggings off. She undid the little snap on her panties so the crazed Xindi did not break the snap. He mounted the hybrid and went crazy pounding the pointy eared princess. Christine grabbed at the grass at the ferocity of the sexual experience. T'Zohl and Victoria were right. These bugs were awesome!

Thecceril rolled off and laid in the grass breathing very heavy, "Thank you, Ms. T'Nley."

Christine smiled, "Your welcome, Mr. Kimosann."

"I should be good for a few weeks now. I can't thank you enough.", Thecceril spoke softly.

"That is way too long for me.", Christine smiled.

"What?", Thecceril looked at Christine, "Really?"

Christine smiled laying in the garden bottomless, "Really."

Thecceril looked at Christine, "Awesome!"

The humanized Xindi grabbed his new mate pulling her up to her hands and knees. Christine gasped as he started grinding his pelvis against her buttocks. She could not believe his recovery as she felt his manhood growing once more. She was surprised when the Xindi man child pushed his renewed manhood inside her thrusting against her hips. He started going faster and faster again. It had been too long since he was with Dawn Keystone. Christine grabbed at the grass as the Xindi f**ked her like a human teen matching his youthful appearance. It was indescribable.

Christine collapsed to the grass for a second time with the Xindi falling on top of her breathing very heavily. Thecceril rolled into the grass. Christine looked at him giggling, "Wow!"

Thecceril looked at Christine, "Can I follow you home?"

"I would like that.", the hybrid alien looked at her new boy toy.

Christine was in the kitchen in the morning. Thecceril came out to see his older life partner standing next to the replicator drinking coffee. Christine was wearing a black negligee. Thecceril was wearing only white boxers. He looked at his beauty and walked over giving her a little peck on the lips. Christine smiled. Thecceril looked at the replicator, "Coffee black."

He smiled as it magically appeared. He thought of the stables of Camelot and making coffee at the RCMP station in Saskatchewan. It was never like this. He gave Christine's bare buttocks a smack.

Christine smiled, "Don't you start with me."

Thecceril spun her around pressuring his pelvis against those bare buttocks. Christine could not believe he wanted to go again. He was insatiable. She should have pulled away but it felt so good. She had to go to the broadcast booth but her brain had other priorities. She reached back and grabbed at those boxers allowing his manhood to escape. Christine grabbed the counter as the hormone driven Xindi pounded her buttocks thrusting deep inside her. Not since the early passion of her romance with Belvedere Brown had Christine felt so alive.

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Fly Man....
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