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 By A Whisker

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PostSubject: By A Whisker   Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:39 pm

Lanec Trmel contacted Dr. Matio Kira and asked her to join him on the surface. Matio complied not really knowing what was happening. Lanec took the cross dressing doctor to the scared site of the Archangel monastery. He stood there as the cleric Ro Arroe joined him and Matio.

In the presence of the Fleet Chaplain, Lanec Trmel confessed to his involvement in the destruction of Camelot Station. Lanec confessed to his involvement in Section 31 and with the Andorian Armada. Matio knew these things but respected Lanec for his confession.

Matio was about to speak when Lanec stopped her. Lanec confessed to expressing his dominance over Dr. Matio Kira. He confessed to attacking and even to abusing Matio. Lanec looked at Matio, "I am sorry."

Matio was shocked. Confessing to his actions with Section 31 was almost bragging. In fact, the confession would make him heroic to many. Confessing to the abuse made him seem like a dominant jerk. He would not even be accepted in the plural marriage culture of Andoria. He put himself out there.

Lanec thanked Ro Arroe for helping him realize the error of his ways. He also credited Captain John Warren with giving him a chance to rebuild his life and rebuild his character. Lanec knelt down on his knees on the sacred ground and begged forgiveness from the heavens above. He promised on the sacred ground that he would do everything he could to balance the evil of his life. On his knees, he hugged Matio around the waist, "Please give me another chance."

Matio stepped away from Lanec. She needed to understand if this was a ploy just to get sex. He had lied before... multiple times. Matio returned to the Quest. She thought about the confessions in front of the chaplain. Lanec was Section 31. He, at least at one time in his life, had discounted faith as a means to an end believing that life had to be controlled and managed for all. Confessing in front of a priest may have been for her benefit and not to give credence to the confession. She had to decide.

Matio went to see John. She and the captain enjoyed a beautiful Bajoran coffee. John described the improvement in behaviour from his chief tactical officer. He described assigning menial tasks to the former head of the Andorian Armada just to test him. Lanec had performed those tasks without complaint and with a high level of skill. John told Matio that he could not decide for the good doctor, he could only say that the King's Fleet was the place for redemption.

Matio went back to the sickbay. The truth is her prospects were not that great. She had had bad relationships with the Cardassians Thua'ra Varno and Phanell. Her heart was just not into a relationship with a Cardassian. Being a cross dressing make, many found her disgusting. Straight males had no desire for her. Gay males do not necessarily like the whole cross dressing phenomenon. She was not a great catch.

Matio changed from her uniform into a padded bra top and a pair of black panties. She felt feminine as she looked in the mirror bending over.

Matio could not help herself reaching in front and inside those panties stroking something special. Lanec walked in. Embarrassed he said, "Is this a bad time?"

Matio looked at the blue skinned Andorian. It was time to give him a chance. Matio pulled down those panties and began stroking a little faster. She smiled at Lanec, "Make love to me, Lanec."

Lanec walked over and gently slid his large blue manhood into the doctor. He slowly pressured inside, "Am I hurting you?"

"No, Lanec. You are being so gentle. Show me you love me.", Matio moaned.

Lanec gently pushed in and out of the Bajoran assassin turned Quasar Quest Doctor. He grabbed her hips, "Thank you for giving me a chance. As with my sins against others, I promise to spend my life making up for the pain I caused you."

"This is a good start.", Matio moaned.

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Dr. Matio Kira
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USS Quasar Quest
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