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 Romulan Reanimation

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Nicole Branson

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PostSubject: Romulan Reanimation    Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:40 pm

T'Arren Suran has been obsessed with the death of her father, D'Vreenak Suran hoping to extract revenge on Section 31 for the horrors of his false suicide. T'Arren learned that there was an elven scroll in the Kingdom of Camelot that would allow an elven wizard to raise the dead. She became obsessed with finding the scroll sending personnel to the palace to pledge a trawling party to find the elven scroll.

All T'Arren needed was a spell caster to enact the spell. Saehir Marrus has longed for a way to re-ingratiate herself to the Romulan Star Empire. She lived in Camelot. She could cast the spell. Saehir agreed to return to Camelot to reanimate D'Vreenak Suran. T'Arren was very grateful to the often double agent Romulan.

Saehir spent hours learning the spell on the castle floor. She would discover that there was a catch. There is always a catch. First, the dead can only be reanimated in its most recent form. This means that D'Vreenak would be restored as a female. T'Arren would not be pleased. Worse yet, the spell calls for the reanimated life form to be injected with life, i.e. to be injected by sperm. This was going to be a difficult choice.

Saehir would scour the requests for status on the colony. Montel Montgomery had put on his application to return to the King's Fleet, "Willing to do anything."

Saehir offered Montel a position as her wizard's slave. Montel knew what that might entail but it was still better than sweeping floors on a station in the beta quadrant. Because he chose the King's Fleet over the Montgomery Fleet, he is very unpopular with his own colleagues. Montel agreed to serve as an aide to the elven wizard.

Montel arrived at Camelot. Saehir then introduced her aide to D'Vreenak Suran. Montel knew that the elven standing before him was the reincarnation of the evil Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire. Saehir explained the limitations of the reanimation spell and the need to inject life into her reanimation. Montel stepped back. Saehir looked at Montel, "Know your role, slave!"

Montel looked at Saehir, "I did not sign up for that. I am a Montgomery. A Montgomery is the head of Starfleet Command. I cannot bring this evil back."

"Do what is necessary.", Saehir ordered as D'Vreenak stripped naked.

Montel looked at Saehir, "I won't. I will return to the Montgomery Colony first."

Saehir looked at Montel, "Yes, sweeping floors or sex. A tough choice for a human male."

Montel looked at the naked elf laying back on the bed of furs. Montel looked at Saehir and the removed his leather pants. The universe will have to manage D'Vreenak. He obviously could not.

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Romulan Reanimation
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