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Nicole Branson

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PostSubject: Demotion.....   Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:42 pm

Cougar had booked some holosuite time to have some space to think. She had generated a beautiful scene overlooking the gorgeous large river with a castle in the distance. She smiled as the warm summer breeze gently massaged her skin up her black skirt.

Terry walked through the arch seeing his mate, "There you are. I'be been looking for you."

"I doubt that.", Cougar muttered.

"Huh?", Terry looked puzzled; man puzzled.

"As commanding and executive officer, we are often required to take opposite shifts on the bridge of the Providence. We barely see each other and if we do, we are both in uniform and pants. I do not get to wear dresses to entice you. You see me as another male in the command unit. You do not see me as your mate and lover.", Cougar grumbled.

"Hell I don't even think you see me.", Cougar started to tear up.

Terry stroked her masculine but shaven leg, "It is not true."

His hand slid up higher but Cougar pushed him away, "You don't get to show up here and expected me to lift my ass in the air and let you treat me badly AND get sex."

Terry looked at Cougar, "What do you want me to do? I will do what you ask."

Cougar started openly crying, "I don't know. I just want to be a couple and not colleagues who pass in the hallway."

"I think I have a solution.", Terry let Cougar lay her head on his shoulder.

"I am going to punish you.", Terry spoke firmly.

"Huh?", Cougar was stunned.

"I am demoting you to Lieutenant.", Terry continued to speak firmly.

"Huh? Why?", Cougar pulled her head away.

"I am ordering you to be demoted to Chief Tactical and Engineering Officer. You have obviously been shirking your duties as Executive Officer.", Terry started to break his firmness with a smile.

"I am splitting the non-crisis shifts to Dennis Warren, my new Executive Officer and Dr. Sympathy Ford and the commanding officer and chief engineer on the other shifts.", Terry winked.

"You and me together.", Cougar sobbed, wiping her eyes.

"Together.", Terry smiled.

Cougar kissed him on the mouth, "Why do you stay with me? I am a masculine looking basket case. I am a snivelling idiot."

Terry smiled, "You are not an idiot. You chose me."

Cougar grabbed for his crotch trying to get his jeans undone. Terry smiled trying to help out as he reached under her dress stroking Cougar's manhood before reaching for his buttocks. Cougar leaned over swallowing the commanding officer as he slowly massaged her anus. Terry reached into his jeans pocket to grab the little pouch of lubricant. It was going to happen now.

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