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Nicole Branson

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PostSubject: Necessary    Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:47 pm

An incident during the start up illustrated the need to be able to move the injured party to mobile hospital. The trouble is the injured person may require additional care because of the time it took. This could create some serious problems for the temporal rift and a potential further violation of the temporal prime directive even before the first ship renters the wormhole network. Everyone was in an uproar.

Tan contacted Viceroy. The humanized first aid supervisor did not ask for, he demanded a support vessel for the surface. Viceroy was reluctant to give up an orbiting ship. Protecting potential theft of temporal was an essential service. Tan told Vincent that a failure to save a patient would create an outcry that would call for an occupational health and safety investigation and likely a visit from the RCMP. This could expose the operation.

Vincent spoke with the crew of the Providence about taking on this important responsibility. Terry and Cougar had come into their own in these roles. They agreed. Dennis Warren and Dr. Sympathy Ford will take the second shift on the medical transport.

Tan was very happy to have the support. He could not believe it when T'tan asked for the entire hospital crew together to talk about behavioural expectations and the treatment of persons of LGBTQ backgrounds. The human resources coordinator spoke to the group about these persons and then reintroduced Cougar Faulkner.

T'tan encouraged all present to be sensitive about language, humour and other derogatory verbiage. She also indicated that acts of violence would not be tolerated.

Tan walked away shaking his head. He could not believe this was necessary.

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