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 Terminated For Cause

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Nicole Branson

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PostSubject: Terminated For Cause   Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:48 pm

"Nicole, we have a problem.", T'tan looked at the boss.

Nicole looked at the HR Coordinator, "Go ahead."

"I think you should see, Nicole.", T'tan announced.

Nicole walked from the camp to the mine. Instead of entering the offices, T'tan entered the first aid trailer. Nicole was puzzled by the choice. Upon entry, T'tan began to explain that a member of the camp security staff, Scott Todd has been caught engaging in sexual activity with one of the electricians, Bailey Gra'Naarg in one of the dark corners of the mine.

Bell walked over, "Mr. Todd will be reassigned from the surface. The miners will be told he was terminated."

Nicole looked at the humanized Antican, "Thank you, Bell."

"It gets worse.", Skye walked into the room.

"You know as well as anyone that massive hormone activity is necessary to maintain the appearance of human qualities in Branson Beauty or the more thorough Viceroy Humanization Surgery. This hormone activity is best maintained naturally through sexual activity.", Skye explained.

"We have discovered no amount of sexual activity can maintain two bodies.", Skye continued.

"Huh?", Nicole looked at Skye.

"Bailey.", Skye ordered.

Nicole looked at Skye dumbfounded.

"It appears that pregnancy is accelerated here as well amongst those of us who have been exposed to the temporal existence.", Skye looked at Nicole.

Nicole looked at Bailey, "First congratulations. You look radiant."

"Secondly, you are fired.", Nicole frowned.

"I know.", Bailey said.

Scott came walking in. Nicole turned and shook his hand, "Do right by her."

"Aye, Governor.", Scott reverted to old titles.

Nicole smiled, "At least we know one couple has adjusted to life in Fort Camelot."

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Nicole Branson
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Fort Camelot, NWT
King's Fleet Protected Territories
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Terminated For Cause
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