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 Further Experimentation

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Nicole Branson

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PostSubject: Further Experimentation    Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:49 pm

"Tough day?", Deveniss asked.

"Yes. I liked Scott and Bailey a lot. They had found love in a difficult space.", T'tan made referenced to the termination of the pair. At least, they would get to go to Governor's Station and continue to do well in the King's Fleet.

"Do you wanna meet for supper?", Dev asked.

"I would like that.", the humanized Vulcan HR coordinator accepted.

There really weren't any options. They could either grab some food from the commissary or eat in Tania Branson's trailer. It was not exactly romantic. Most miners ate in their coveralls. Most will not have showered yet.

Deveniss walked over to the trailer reserved for the administrative staff. He was wearing his common grey sweater and a pair of jeans. He never expected T'tan to dress for dinner. She stepped out of the back of her trailer.

"Wow!", Deveniss looked at his supper date.

"Thank you, Admiral.", T'tan winked.

Everyone looked at them as they had supper. It was the regular pasta meal with cold garlic toast. T'tan and Deveniss walked back to the trailers. Both were discussing their history. Both had been to the very pinnacle. T'tan had been President of the United Federation of Planets while Deveniss had been the head of Starfleet Command. Now they were running a Uranium mine hoping to create the method to regain access to the Sao Gabriel Network.

T'tan looked at Deveniss, "You can come in if you like."

"Is it a violation of any policies?", Deveniss looked at T'tan.

"We aren't on the payroll. There is no coercion based on position or authority. You are welcome to come in.", T'tan smiled, kissing the humanized Selayan on the cheek.

"Besides, I would like to see the difference between the Orc appendage and the human one.", T'tan teased.

"Tee!", Deveniss exclaimed.

T'tan stood on the back of the trailer looking as the sun rose. Deveniss came out touching her buttocks. She smiled, "I didn't really feel a difference."

Deveniss smiled.

"I feel however further experimentation is required.", T'tan kissed Dev.

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Further Experimentation
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