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 Human It Is

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Human It Is   Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:51 pm

Despite the training of Ms. Vulcan, the miners still have a redneck core. These men and women are tough as nails and well liked but their world view is fairly narrow. They can be downright cruel to those persons of non -traditional life choices.

Sammy works as a nurse. He dresses like a woman but on duty he wears hospital fatigues. He deals with all the insensitive humour on the job. One of the worst is the mine drug testing which calls for a mouth swab. Sammy has heard every "stick in the mouth" bad joke there has ever been.

Sammy has been reluctant to dress as a woman in the camp because of the ridicule. Hoka has not seen his girlfriend dressed in drag at Fort Camelot. Sammy and Hoka are staying together but it has been for convenience and not for sexuality.

Hoka spent his day keeping the lifting shovels running after the mine had difficult motor troubles. He had had a very hard day. He showered and put on his street clothes before heading to the trailers before supper. He just wanted to have supper and go to bed. He walked into the camp trailer.

Sammy was standing there smiling.

Hoka knew what she wanted.

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Hokajin Alzjin
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Human It Is
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