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 Fashion Runway

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Fashion Runway   Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:52 pm

The Tanmesad had begun the Hebetian run from Horst to Cardassia Prime hauling uranium to be enriched into temporal Dilthium. The process was no longer secret and no longer had to be concealed from the miners. The Tanmesad itself entered the atmosphere of the Vulcan colony and lowered near the mine bringing lots of miners out to see the Galor Class vessel.

Vash Enranet enjoyed telling the history of ship even though it did not always paint the Cardassians in a good light. The natives and miners alike were very keen to hear the stories. Marino stood with the girls as they discussed fashion in the 24th century. He was more keen about fashion from 2016. The girls enjoyed the questions.

Thua'ra came walking down the hallway as the Galor escaped the atmosphere and headed towards Cardassia. He was looking for Marino now that the ship no longer needed his full attention. Thua'ra walked into their quarters.

Marino stood against the wall wearing a sweater he had gotten from one of the miners and high belly panties he had replicated using a 2016 catalog. Thua'ra smiled, "You look beautiful."

"I love these panties. They hide everything. I have never looked feminine.", Marino smiled.

"You like what you see?", Marino asked.

"I think I would like them better slid to one side.", Thua'ra smiled.

Marino pulled her panties up tight against her butt cheeks. He looked at Thua'ra and slid them over to one side. Thua'ra grinned.

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Fashion Runway
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