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 Meaning and Meeting

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PostSubject: Meaning and Meeting   Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:53 pm

Ophelia had just been sitting down in one on ones with the miners. She was able to relay some of the history of the Betazoid Alliance, the rise of the Vulcan Empire of V'Ros, the Branson Bissect that restored Vulcan and Romulus and the critical importance of keeping the mine operational. Ophelia also wanted to reassure the miners of their safety showing the protection patrols of the King's Fleet and the outer rim patrols by Starfleet. It was very draining to retell the story to nearly 600 miners on 4 shift configurations.

Ophelia walked outside even though it was quite cool in a day that would be reminiscent of an early spring day on the Earth. She wrapped her arms tight against her body to preserve heat.

Nicole had been down at the mine and was walking back when she saw Ophelia. The boss smiled, "You look cold. Do you wanna grab a coffee?"

Ophelia smiled, "That would be nice."

The two had had a very forced relationship; more of a brief fling earlier in life but they were never really a couple. Nicole discussed her failed relationship with Jessie even openly discussing the violent sexual encounter that ended their relationship. Ophelia just listened. She was a Betazoid and could sense that Nicole just needed to vent. Ophelia had more one on ones to complete. She thanked Nicole for the company but told her she had to get back at it.

Without warning, Ophelia leaned in and kissed Nicole on the cheek, "It was wonderful to just sit down and talk with someone."

Nicole stood there dumbfounded. What did that mean? Nicole touched her cheek. It was something magical. She looked over at the kitchen area. Tania had been watching. The Borg Disconnect looked at her daughter and smiled.

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Meaning and Meeting
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