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 Sandwich Service

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Sandwich Service   Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:54 pm

Deveniss learned that T'tan had decided to return to Vulcan from Admiral Viceroy. Vincent knew the words would hurt his long time friend. Vincent offered Deveniss a chance to have his Selayan features restored and to return to Governor's Station and to simply serve as the King's Fleet Chief of Staff. Deveniss had continued to fulfill that role on the surface.

Deveniss had had a larger role now with the hundreds of new recruits aboard the vessels. Deveniss was also managing the HR department for the mine. Deveniss had spent a lot of time with the miners dealing with the transition to life in 2396. He had made friends and even had been a father figure to many. He thought that T'tan had garnered a similar experience. I guess not.

Deveniss was sitting in the HR office of the mine. It was late in the evening. He was finishing up a few things still trying to decide if he should return to the station. He did not want to leave his successor in a bad position. He did not even realize that he had worked through supper.

Racquel came walking down the hallway with a sandwich. She stood in the doorway.

She looked at Deveniss, "I thought you might need this."

Deveniss smiled as the VHS female handed him the sandwich.

"I heard about T'tan.", Racquel offered.

Deveniss did not speak. He just nodded.

"You are good at this.", Racquel tried to make conversation, "You should stay."

Deveniss looked up. Racquel smiled, "If you had a sexual partner, you could maintain your human appearance and work with the miners to make this a better place."

Racquel smiled, "I need a sexual partner."

"What about Tania Branson?", Deveniss could not believe he was asking the question.

"She does not need me. She was just helping me out. We are friends with benefits.", Racquel sat on the edge of the desk. She put her glasses on the desk.

"We could be more.", Racquel smiled.

Deveniss looked at Racquel. He thought about the miners and the work they had done together. He thought about going to the station and going back to his aged Selayan life of sleeping all the time. He looked at Racquel, "Are you sure?"

Racquel opened the fly on her jeans. She started to wiggle those jeans down exposing a tiny white g-string. Deveniss looked at her as he unzipped his jeans and lowered the to the floor. Racquel unsnapped her g-string pulling the humanized Selayan in close. Deveniss dropped his boxers directing his human appendage inside the VHS female. Racquel moaned as the admiral began to move in and out on that desk.

Deveniss called Vincent in the morning. He told the Admiral that he felt he could better serve the King's Fleet by keeping the mine operational. Vincent was actually very happy to hear the news, though not as happy as Racquel Madison who came walking out of the bedroom of Deveniss' trailer wearing only a shirt and nothing else. She kissed Dev on the cheek.

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Admiral Deveniss of Selay
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Sandwich Service
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