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 Eight Ball Corner Pocket

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Vincent Viceroy

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PostSubject: Eight Ball Corner Pocket   Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:54 pm

The Archangel had been very busy protecting supply vessels as they came to load up with uranium. The leadership group had been distracted by their obligations. Val and Dawn had switched up shifts so either the commanding or executive officer could be on the bridge at all times. The process had worked well but had left the T'Waakian hybrid with more prominent donkey features from the lack of hormone production.

Dawn was not pleased with her large donkey ears, her prominent tail and unfortunately bigger donkey teeth. Dawn was unhappy with her appearance and she knew that Val was not thrilled either. It had become a catch 22 scenario as he needed her to be on the bridge more and opposite of him but it made her less attractive to him.

Finally, the Double Q had relieved the Archangel allowing them a few hours break. The crew gathered in the lounge to enjoy some drinks, a nice supper and some games. Dawn and Val had engaged in a bit of 8 ball playing pool in the lounge. Dawn was having a little fun.

She looked at Val, "If I sink the 8 ball, you have to take me right here."

Val looked around the room. There was a fair number of people in the lounge. He looked at the shot. It was NOT an easy one. He wondered, "And what if you miss?"

"I will give you the blowjob of your life in the privacy of our quarters.", Dawn winked.

"Will you swallow?", Val teased.

Dawn smiled, "Oh yeah."

"It's a bet.", Val smiled.

Val gasped realizing that Dawn was not wearing anything underneath her skirt. He looked around terrified at what he had bet.

Dawn snapped the eight ball into the corner pocket. Val looked around before unbuttoning his uniform pants grabbing his first officer by the hips and fulfilling his bet. Dawn was embarrassed as she let out a heehaw in excitement.

Michael Todd and Dr. Courtney Wellington left in disgust.

A bet is a bet.

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Commander Dawn Keystone
Executive Officer
USS Archangel
King's Fleet
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Eight Ball Corner Pocket
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